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Solve360 is CRM for Google Apps

Google CRM integration

The verdict is in. Solve360 CRM and Google Apps are secure, inexpensive, easy to setup and simplify your business in ways you can't imagine without trying them first. Norada and Google sweat the details to deliver useful, integrated applications via a web browser, enabling you and your team to focus on moving a mountain for your clients.

Amazing things can happen when people work together and the same applies when your business applications like Solve360 CRM and Google Apps do too. The Solve360 CRM sports more useful integration with Google Apps than any other product, in any category, period. This page highlights how the Solve360 CRM and Google Apps have become two-peas in a pod and hint at the benefits you can expect.

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Add Solve360 CRM to Google Apps

If you're a Google Apps veteran and want to see how easy it is to move the needle with Solve360 CRM, just click on the button on the right to "install" Solve360 CRM into your Google Apps account in less than a minute.

Solve360's CRM integration with Google Apps provides

  • Google Apps single sign-on
  • Gmail Contextual Gadget
  • Two-way calendar & contact sync
  • Unique email sharing features
  • Gmail labels as a project dropbox
  • Google Docs contact form
  • Google maps
  • Extend Gmail using the Webmail client for CRM email campaigns
  • Generating custom CRM reports and dashboards in Google Docs
  • Creating Google Docs and Labels from your Solve360 database

What Google Apps integration with Solve360 CRM looks like ... ?

Direct access from the Google Apps menu (no separate login to fuss with).

Integrates CRM with Google Apps and Google Accounts

A Google Gmail gadget that shows off a clean, at-a-glance view of everything your team knows about the person behind the message right from within the email message.

Integrates with Google Apps and Google Accounts

The Gmail contextual gadget has to be the mashup of the millennium - having your valuable CRM information shown in context with your favorite email system, Gmail. Known as the “Solve360 Gmail Gadget” this feature represents an entirely new level of application integration. The gadget not only shows you the related information but allows you to manage the CRM information right in context with the email message. Now how useful (cool) is that?! Reduce multi-tasking, deal with client interactions instantly and leverage team knowledge. More ...

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As well as ...

  • Access to Gmail messages from within the CRM enabling features such as email templates, personalized email campaigns and listing emails on shared contact pages
  • Two-way contact, calendar and task synchronization between Google Apps and the Solve360 CRM
  • Attach Google Docs directly to clients and projects so they're in context and support a story
  • Google Maps links from all addresses

A sample of what our Google Apps clients have to say ...

Why Scarpar chose Solve360 ... Operating in multiple countries we need everything centralised or we will end up with orphaned data everywhere. Google Apps functionality is now so good, that it's made sense for us to move there as our core productivity suite as well as other great functionality. This said, it still needs CRM to be a full system.

CRM is core to our business as we launch as scale quickly in the near future. We were looking for a solution that was tightly integrated with Google Apps, but also wanted idiot proof usability, high level functionality and integration capability. We've had exposure to lot of mid and top tier CRM so have high expectations.

Aside from the usual stuff you'd expect for an IT system and standard CRM functionality, we focussed our evaluation on 2 must haves:

  1. A full customer view of contact details, purchase history and communications history all in the inside the CRM.
  2. All contact data must be in sync whichever system it is in.

Using Solve360's API access we will create our Solve360 contacts 'on purchase' and then sync our shopping cart contact data to Solve360. It will then natively keep the Google Contact and MailChimp data up to date. We will then expose relevant data from other systems in each customer using the formatted note ... you can just past html into it!.

We don't bang on about our suppliers much (except our engineers EDAG who are also awesome).

For us, Solve360 CRM is Google Apps 'KILLER APP'.

Andrew Fern, CEO Scarpar P/L

We spent three months trialling different combinations of systems. Solve360 provided the answers we needed I run a renewable energy company in the UK and have been trying to keep overheads down so we can stay very competitive, whilst providing an outstanding client-focussed service. Here's how we do it:

Google Apps for:

  • Mail and push-mail to mobile
  • Calendar
  • Company intranet (using Google Sites) including company handbook etc
  • Basic documents

Norada's Solve360 for:

  • CRM
  • Core project management (installing renewable energy)
  • Internal project management (working on internal processes etc)

Solve CRM works fantastically well. Where there is the odd glitch, the technical support is amazingly responsive using a very friendly forum approach. Clients can be invited in to view project "blogs" as they happen, but can be kept away from sensitive documents. This builds huge trust between us and the client. Its cheaper, faster and better than anything else on the market. But actually there isn't anything like it on the market.

Carl Benfield, Prescient Power Ltd

Easy to implement and use, but still adaptable. We needed a CRM which was designed for the small company. Not an abundance of features, but just what is needed to keep track of our customer contacts. Since we are Google Apps Authorized Resellers, we really wanted it to be fully integrated with Google Apps.

After have been using Solve360 in little over a month, we are completely satisfied and we have also found a way to work with the system that fits our workflow. Solve360 has brought major improvements to our business./p>

Highly recommended!

Thomas Ljung, IT Supporter

Just... "thank you" I've tried many solutions in the market. In the last 30 days we tested 3 different platforms and were about to sign up for Salesforce when we stumbled into Solve360.

This is BY FAR the best solution we have tried. It provides structure but is fluid enough to allow for some serious customization and implementation into your work flow. After spending 30 days creating fields, actions, etc in Salesforce and others, working with 360 seems like a walk in the park.

We are a Real Estate firm and started using Solve360360 just as a contact manager and in 60 days it has become our "go to" application for everything. Property Management, Project Management, Transaction Coordination, Password Storage, Training, etc.

If you have been looking for a solution, give this a try... you will be glad you did (especially if you have tried or have been working with other solutions in the market).

Update 4/6/2011: We've had to contact customer service only a few times with questions and I feel comfortable stating that I have never received such good customer service. Kudos to the team

Jorge Figueroa, Keller Williams

Exceptional Product and Service, Streamlines Company Processes As a small marketing company, we have a heavy focus on relationship building and word of mouth referrals. Following up and building strong relationships are crucial to our business. We also handle a great variety of project types and client types. We've tried several programs that handled the project management part of our processes but they always lacked the relationship building activities that are so important to us. Since processes make or break a company, we searched high and low for a program that would integrate the project management with customer care. We stumbled upon solve360 and immediately began looking for the "downside". There was none. We could not find a single complaint or negative review of this product. We decided to call their customer service just to make sure that this wasn't too good to be true. They answered every single one of our questions accurately. When we began to get our employees into the program, they were amazed and jumped aboard! They picked up how to use the software right away, so there was no training time involved. Its integration with Google and MailChimp is seamless and is the perfect solution for us. It has streamlined our processes, thus ensuring our continued success.

Thank you from all of us at Shire Interactive!

Jill Diffenderfer, Shire Interactive

BEST Productivity Investment I have EVER made :: Solve360 We run a small design and marketing firm and we knew we had to be more efficient as a team and more accountable with our clients. Solve360 is way more than even other 5 star apps in the marketplace. Why? Because it holds your team accountable to the tasks at hand at the same time delivering status updates to your clients. Nothing does all of these better! Are you looking to merge contact lists (a GA downfall)? Solve360 does it ...completely. Keeping project relevant email all in one place...this makes me cry with joy!

Solve360 literally added so much value to my business and in 72 hours it has become the HUB of our team communications.

The merging of media in one place, the ability to keep track via ipad or iphone, this IS amazing!

THANK-YOU solve360.

Kenny Driscoll, Higher Design

Great Integration of Customers, Projects and Google Apps We have been using Google Apps for a couple of years now and were excited to find this tool that integrates very well with Google Apps to track contacts and customer communication. This integration seems to be where many other CRM tools fall short. And since our business is mostly project based, we use the Solve360 project blogs along with Google Apps to give everyone involved the same view into what is going on in the project - this works great. My summary: effective tool & great value.

Great Integration of Customers, Projects and Google Apps

Robert Wiebe, Stratusforce

Connect private Gmail messages to your shared CRM records

A special feature of the gadget is to either copy the entire email message to Solve360 CRM (attachments and all), or alternatively link the message to the Solve360 CRM database (a truly unique and useful option). More ...

Integrates with Google Apps and Google Accounts

Automatically link thousands of emails to shared contacts, companies and project blogs with a couple clicks.

Would you like to automatically link all your Gmail emails to your Solve360 CRM contacts without any who-ha? It's possible by simply applying a special Gmail label to all your existing messages and automatically to all future sent messages. This truly unique ability is part of our amazing Link to feature mentioned above. Lets give it a roll ...

Using Gmail labels as a Project Blog dropbox

Using your Google Apps account you can link a specific Gmail message to a specific project blog using Gmail labels. It’s like having a dropbox in Gmail for each of your project blogs. Lets give it a roll ...

Sign in directly using Google

Solve360 recognizes Google as a trusted Identity Provider. With this feature users can login directly to their Solve360 account using a secure Google authentication process.

Integrates with Google Apps and Google Accounts

If you manage your team’s Google user accounts you can centralize access control within Google and not need to issue or manage Solve360 passwords. More ...

Custom Reports using the free Solve360 CRM Google Sheets add-on

Reports are immensely useful to gain perspective on trends and answer ad-hoc questions. Solve360 has useful reports (Solve360 menu > Report & Update Activities), the ability to create lists (category tags), as well as expanded data reporting (Top view), etc. These catch the usual suspects, but remember those days when we hoarded data into Excel where we could slice-and-dice at will? With the Solve360 CRM Google Sheets add-on you can pull your Solve360 data directly into a Google Spreadsheet where you can manipulate it as you please. Google Sheets report

Included are easy-to-follow tutorials on generating Sales Pipeline, Sales Funnel, Sales Team Performance and Quarterly Sales reports. Each report progressively demonstrates the customization and usefulness of Solve360 and Google Sheets. Smartly integrated, create practical business dashboards within the friendly and flexible Google Spreadsheets environment.

CRM pipleline report

The Solve360 CRM Google add-on extends the same powerful custom searching features available inside Solve360 to Google Spreadsheets, and provides settings to customize output formats. Simple and useful reports made easy. More ...

Mail Merge Documents and Labels using the free Solve360 CRM Google Docs add-on

Does your team work with a standard set of documents, such as proposals and contracts, that you have to personalize each time? Does the thought of printing labels give you a head-ache? If so, read how easy it is to do now using Solve360 CRM and Google Docs! More ...

Integrates with Google Apps and Google Accounts

Implementing the Google Apps “Contact us” form example

This nifty little guy gathers data with a Google form and drops the data straight into your Solve360 CRM account... and it’s a snap to setup: Simply watch the highly entertaining dance party video and then follow the carefully laid-out steps. More ...

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These examples of Google Docs integration are useful as presented, but what is most interesting about it is how it demonstrates how the two products can be linked together using standard script and APIs to develop line-of-business applications, much like Visual Basic et al did in the 90s for desktop applications. It's yours to explore!

We're excited and we think you'll be too

The Solve360 Gmail Gadget, Contact us form and Google Docs reporting examples are not merely new features, but the reflection of Solve360’s resolve to become the CRM/PM application of choice for Google Apps users. As groundbreaking as these features may be, they are merely the latest in a series of Google Apps integrations that we’ve released. This trend includes features like single-sign-on, automatic account creation, two-way contact synchronization, Calendar synchronization, Google Maps, as well as managing Gmail messages directly from within the Solve360 application.

Solve360 CRM is a Google's Staff Pick!

Staff pick

Here is their presentation ...

Where can I learn more? We've prepared a special featured tutorial called "Everything Google" and Check out our Google Apps CRM Marketplace listing.