Special Offer 

An Industry First

FREE INDOOR LOCATION TRACKING demo kits, including all necessary hardware, are available to qualified businesses anywhere in North America.

Quickly experience the benefits of indoor location reporting and alerting for people and equipment, wireless help call, service logging, and more. The kits arrive preconfigured. No technical expertise or additional hardware or software is needed.

The opportunity

Digital transformation is sweeping all business sectors, and a major enabler of this is IoT. Connecting people and things to the Cloud is helping many businesses meet the multiple crises:

  • Staffing
  • Regulation
  • Health & Safety
  • Climate
  • Insurance
  • Taxation
  • Innovative competitors

These high-impact areas all relate to physical spaces, which are notoriously hard to manage, impossible to supervise constantly, and involve the most significant capital and expenses.  The opportunity is extraordinary.

The challenge

The unfortunate truth is most IoT projects never see the light of day because well-featured IoT solutions are ridiculously complex and expensive. IoT is currently out of reach for most businesses.

The solution

Norada has made IoT simple, flexible, inexpensive, and aligned to our client's P&L priorities. With this kit, we're bringing the "trade conference presentation" to your desk and making it personal, with best-in-class products from our LoRaWAN partners Semtech, RAKwireless, Abeeway, and Minew, completely free to use in your facility for three months.

Qualified businesses will have demonstrable and relevant use case(s).

The number of kits is limited. Take us up on this bona fide offer while it’s available, and see how we can help your business better meet today's challenges and opportunities.