Starter KitNEW 

Our Starter Kit allows you to test and confirm the value in a low-risk manner on a small section of your site. The Kit arrives pre-configured and ready-to-use so you can see the solution in action quickly.  You can continue to scale the project out through your site by simply adding components as needed.


RAKWireless LoRaWAN Gateway

Quantity: 1

An indoor LoRaWAN gateway that provides a private wireless network for your tags and sensors.  Plugs into a standard Internet port.

Abeeway Micro Trackers

Quantity: 2

Location tracker with a button (compact size) with rechargeable battery.

Abeeway Smart Trackers

Quantity: 2

Location tracker with a button (ID card size).  Extra long-lasting rechargeable battery.

Elsys Co2 sensor

Quantity: 1

Measures Co2, temperature, humidity, motion, and light.

Minew E5 location beacons

Quantity: 20

Small wireless BLE location beacon that sticks to the wall and provides a proximity signal for location tracking.

Building floor geocoding

Quantity: 1

Send us your floorplan, and we will configure it to your account so you can visualize zones and data within your building.


Quantity: 3 months

Solve™ Hosting and technical support

Unlimited users


Quantity: 1

Components arrive pre-configured and ready to use.

There are no confusing options, and since our solution does not require wiring or onsite technical staff the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is less than 1/10 of the older wired systems.

Use the online calculator to estimate the cost of scaling out your project.

We're here to listen to your priorities, ideas, and concerns in a complimentary discovery meeting, then offer free advice on a fitting solution.

An end-to-end solution for wireless data collection and alerting

The Starter Kit provides location tracking and environmental sensing. If you’re looking to monitor more things or to deploy Wirepas Massive  just contact our team for a fitting solution.