Solutions at-a-glance

No matter what you're managing, game-changing evolutions in modern sensors provide a simple, low-cost path for facility operators to keep clients smiling and improve operating income. Take a look at some of the practical out-of-the-box solutions Solve and it’s analytics cloud can help with.

Universal solutions

  • Monitor HVAC units runtime and cycling to catch outliers burning up more energy than they should

  • Keep humidity and temperature in range so residents stay comfortable, healthy, and avoid damaging electronics or freezing pipes

  • Know instantly about water leaks to contain the exposure

Focused solutions

  • Implement practical and effective air quality monitoring and reporting to assure tenant concerns about safety and comfort

  • Be informed on areas with developing risk of mold growth so simple interventions can be applied before it takes hold
  • Monitor occupancy of areas to focus security and cleaning priorities

Site solutions

  • Maintain operating standards of equipment like HVAC air balancing, ovens, freezers, coolers

  • Monitor water level or door status

  • Detect vibration on pumps, blowers, compressors to signal developing failure

Innovative solutions

  • Detect leaking toilets and monitor the level of trash bins

  • Log noise level generated by occupants or equipment

  • Provide value-add amenities like push-button to request services, indoor location tracking, respiratory and health monitoring
Sensors and equipment will change over time, but with Solve's flexible features, your system won’t need to.

Think big, start small

The newest generation of wireless-sensors have up to a 5-mile range, 10-years of battery life, and can be installed by non-technical staff. This simpler approach lets small - mid sized buildings avoid making large investments in building automation systems and cabling, and break through the network constraints of local WiFi.

Solve can work with almost any modern sensor; new inexpensive long-range LoRaWan sensors chiefly among them. Below are a few products we’ve done our homework on, field tested and lead the industry. Start with a few, see the value first hand, then expand at your own pace.

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LoRaWAN IAQ HVAC-R Wellbeing Architectural Custom Industrial
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Radio Bridge
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Sensative Strips
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Scope out a typical implementation and determine the initial and monthly costs with our bill-of-materials worksheet.

Getting sensor data into Solve

Step-by-step instructions to receive data from the following sources.

Instructions on how to configure sensors.