Solutions at-a-glance

No matter what you're managing, game-changing evolutions in modern sensors provide a simple, low-cost path for small - mid tier buildings to improve operating income. Take a look at some of the practical out-of-the-box solutions Solve and it’s analytics cloud can help with.

Universal solutions

Point solutions

  • Air quality monitoring and reporting to assure tenant safety and production

  • Mold growth risk detection
  • Occupancy monitoring to focus return-to-work segmentation, security and cleaning priorities

Site solutions

  • Maintain operating standards of equipment like HVAC air balancing, ovens, freezers, coolers

  • Monitor water level or door status

  • Detect vibration on pumps, blowers, compressors to signal developing failure

Innovative solutions

  • Detecting leaking toilets

  • Occupant or equipment noise threshold detection

  • Trash level monitoring

Think big, start small

The newest generation of wireless-sensors have up to a 5-mile range, 10-years of battery life, and can be installed by non-technical staff. This simpler approach lets small - mid sized buildings avoid making large investments in building automation systems and cabling, and break through the network constraints of local WiFi.

Solve can work with almost any modern sensor; new inexpensive long-range LoRaWan sensors chiefly among them. Below are a few products we’ve done our homework on, field tested and lead the industry. Start with a few, see the value first hand, then expand at your own pace.

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LoRaWAN HVAC-R Comfort and safety Architectural Custom monitoring Industrial
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Radio Bridge
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Sensative Strips
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Getting sensor data into Solve

Step-by-step instructions to receive data from the following sources.

Instructions on how to configure sensors.

Sensors and equipment will change over time, but with Solve™, your system won’t need to.