Connect Advantech Wzzard

1. Install and configure the hardware

To bring the gateway online, refer to Advantech's document "SmartSwarm 342 - Quick Start Guide".  In summary, plug ETH1 into an Internet connection, connect the power, after a few minutes the gateway will connect to Advantech's management console.

To connect the sensors to the Wzzard mesh node and the node to the Wzzard gateway, refer to Advantech's document "Quick Start Guide - Wzzard Mesh Wireless Sensor”.  In summary, on the node, hold the Status/Sleep/Reset button for 5 seconds until the LED starts blinking, the LED changes to solid when a connection to the gateway is established.  To check status, use a short press of the button.

Login to the Advantech console (create an account if you don't have one). Complete the steps to claim the new gateway.

Click the Device ID to open the device configuration, then click Device Status, record the WAN Ip_addr value, and click Return.

If the WAN Ip_addr value starts with 192.168.1.* (a conflict with ETH0), click Settings Select …, click Network, change ETH0 (LAN) IP Address to a different private address like  If you need a DNS value enter, click Apply, wait for the device to restart (about 5m).

Click Add/Upgrade Apps, select Node-RED, RSMessagebroker, and Wzzard Mesh, then click Add/Upgrade Selected, wait for the device to restart (about 5m).

Click Applications, click Wzzard Mesh, click Mesh Network and ensure the node is claimed.  Click Update Data and ensure the node is sending data.

Click Applications, click Wzzard Mesh, click MQTT and set the Host field to the ETH0 address (either the default value, or whatever you changed it to), set port to 1883, set Client ID to 0, click Apply.

Click Applications, click RSMB, then select Broker Enabled and set Broker Port to 1883, click Apply

Open a new web browser tab, login to the gateway’s web application at https://{WAN Ip_addr} (default password is 5mart5warm). You’ll access this SmartSwarm app tab in a step later on.

Open a second new web browser tab, login to the device's Node-RED application at http://{WAN Ip_addr}:1880 (default login is NodeRED / 5mart5warm).  You’ll access this Node-RED app tab in a step later on.

The Advantech gateway uses the Node-RED software, continue to the section Connect Node-RED.