LoRaWAN bill of materials worksheet

LoRaWAN is purpose-built for collecting data from sensors. It is simple to install, massively cheaper than cellular and has a 50-100x longer range than Wifi.

Our team created this worksheet to help clients who are new to LoRaWAN scope out a typical implementation and determine the initial and monthly costs.

Purchase the selected hardware from your preferred supplier(s), or single-source through Norada.  Install the hardware and Norada will on-board your system and ensure everything is running smoothly.

1. Solveā„¢ software



Hosting & support


Each application user












2. Network


Indoor LoRaWAN gateway

Generally install one gateway for every 15,000-20,000 square feet of indoor space.

RAKwireless WisGate $199

3. Location tags and anchors


Personal location tag (ID card)

Abeeway Smart Badge $105

Personal location tag (compact)

Abeeway Micro Tracker $111

Equipment location tag

Abeeway Compact Tracker $115

Zone anchor

Minew E5 location beacon $18

4. Integrated indoor sensors


Co2, temperature, humidity, motion, and light

Elsys Co2 $185, or similar 

Particle PM2.5, temperature, humidity

MachineQ PM2.5 $159, or similar 

Temperature and humidity

MachineQ temperature and humidity $49, or similar 

5. Industrial sensors (integrated)


HVAC temperature and humidity

6. Industrial sensors (non-integrated)


Since the 1950s the 4-20mA Current Loop is the standard interface for equipment sensors.  Connect your existing 4-20mA equipment transmitter, or an ideally-suited off-the-shelf 4-20mA transmitter, to the RadioBridge 4-20mA receiver to track electrical current, pressure, fluid levels, or pretty much anything.  Here are a few examples:

Connect to an existing 4-20mA sensor

Electrical current

Tags track the indoor and outdoor location of people or equipment.

Sensors provide status information such as temperature, humidity, CO2, contact-state, movements, electrical load, air pressure, etc.

Your existing (non-technical) staff completes the onsite installation of the LoRaWAN network gateway(s) and sensors. Solve includes free onboarding and support.

Norada can single-source approved third-party products at cost-plus a nominal handling fee.

Once the LoRaWAN network and Solve are in-place additional solutions can be layered in by simply installing more tags or sensors.

Most sensor manufacturers offer quantity discounts.

Hardware price


Monthly price