LoRaWAN bill of materials worksheet

LoRaWAN is purpose-built for collecting data from sensors. It is simple to install, massively cheaper than cellular and has a 50-100x longer range than Wifi.

Our team created this worksheet to help clients who are new to LoRaWAN scope out a typical implementation and determine the initial and monthly costs.

Purchase the selected hardware from your preferred supplier(s), or single-source through Norada.  Install the hardware and Norada will on-board your system and ensure everything is running smoothly.

1. Solveā„¢ software



Hosting & support


Each application user












2. Network


Indoor LoRaWAN gateway

Generally install one gateway for every 15,000-20,000 square feet of indoor space.

3. Location tags and anchors


Personal location tag (ID card)

Personal location tag (compact)

Equipment location tag

Zone anchor

4. Integrated indoor sensors


Co2, temperature, humidity, motion, and light

Elsys Co2  $185, or similar 

Particle PM2.5, temperature, humidity

MachineQ PM2.5  $159, or similar 

Temperature and humidity

MachineQ temperature and humidity  $49, or similar 

5. Industrial sensors (integrated)


HVAC temperature and humidity

6. Industrial sensors (non-integrated)


Since the 1950s the 4-20mA Current Loop is the standard interface for equipment sensors.  Connect your existing 4-20mA equipment transmitter, or an ideally-suited off-the-shelf 4-20mA transmitter, to the RadioBridge 4-20mA receiver to track electrical current, pressure, fluid levels, or pretty much anything.  Here are a few examples:

Connect to an existing 4-20mA sensor

Electrical current

Tags track the indoor and outdoor location of people or equipment.

Sensors provide status information such as temperature, humidity, CO2, contact-state, movements, electrical load, air pressure, etc.

Your existing (non-technical) staff completes the onsite installation of the LoRaWAN network gateway(s) and sensors. Solve includes free onboarding and support.

Norada can single-source approved third-party products at cost-plus a nominal handling fee.

Once the LoRaWAN network and Solve are in-place additional solutions can be layered in by simply installing more tags or sensors.

Most sensor manufacturers offer quantity discounts.

Hardware price


Monthly price