Connect MachineQ

1. Enable the connection between MachineQ and Solve

Login to Solve as an admin. Click the Settings icon then select IoT Cloud.

Enable the IoT Cloud and MachineQ options. Note the three values highlighted in the screenshot which you’ll copy over to MachineQ in the next step.

Login to MQCentral, and click Integrations, then Add Output Profile.

Enter a value for Name, click Next.

Under the new Output Profile click Add destination, then AWS IoT Core.

Paste the three values from Solve, into the corresponding three MachineQ fields, then click Add.

2. Install the hardware

Bring the gateway online following MachineQ’s Getting started guide.

In general, plug it into an Internet connection, and connect the power. Return to MQCentral, click Gateways, click Add a gateway, complete the form, then click Submit.

Take note that LoRaWAN sensors have specific steps to follow to configure when they send data.  Refer to your sensor’s technical specifications for details on how to wake it up, program it, trigger data transmissions, etc.

To add MachineQ branded sensors create the device in MQCentral using MachineQ’s mobile apps mobile apps.

To add non-MachineQ branded sensors click Devices, then Add a Device.  Copy the device’s DevEui into both the NAME and DEVEUI fields, and the APPLICATION KEY and APPLICATION EUI as provided by the device manufacturer in their respective fields. 

For all sensor types, set the device’s OUTPUT PROFILE to the one you created in the previous step, leave the Decoder Type and all other fields as default, then click Submit.

3. Show MachineQ data in Solve

Return to Solve and open an existing contact, or create a new contact.

Add an IoT install.

Click the option Register a new MachineQ sensor module.

Copy the device’s DevEui from MQCentral, set the device’s Decoder type, enter a descriptive Label for the sensor module, and click Save.

After the device has sent data to Solve, click the refresh icon to see the data that was received.

Click on the IoT Install to switch it to edit mode, then customize the sensor labels and units.  Deselect a checkbox to disable and hide a sensor.  Click off the form to return.

Continue to the section Configuring sensors.