Connect Node-RED

1. Enable the Node-RED option in Solve

Login to Solve as an admin. Click the Settings icon then select IoT Cloud.

Enable the IoT Cloud and Node-RED options.

2. Register a Node-RED gateway in Solve

Open an existing contact, or create a new contact.

Add an IoT install, click Register a new Node-RED gateway, enter a descriptive label, then click Save.

Download the three certificate files to your local computer by clicking the Download certificates link once.  You may need to grant your browser permissions to download multiple files this way.

3. Connect the Node-RED gateway to Solve


Return to the Wzzard app tab and upload the certificate files to the gateway.

Return to the Node-RED app tab and import the Advantech Node-RED Flow by copying it from that document, then pasting it into the import nodes textarea, click Import, click Deploy.

Return to the Wzzard app tab, click Troubleshooting, click Reboot Device, then Run.


Install the certificate files on the Node-RED device.  The process will vary, depending on how you access the device’s file system. If you have terminal access, a quick way is to use an editor and copy the content from each local file, and paste the content into new files on the gateway.

Create a Node-RED Flow using the Node-RED connection and payload specifications.

4. Show Node-RED data in Solve

After the device has sent data to Solve, click the contact’s refresh icon to see what data was received.

Click anywhere in the IoT Install area to enter edit mode, then customize the sensor labels and units.  Deselect a checkbox to disable and hide a sensor.  Click outside the IoT Install area to exit the edit mode.

Continue to the section Configuring sensors.