Connect Senseware

1. Enable the connection between Senseware and Solve

Login to Solve as an admin. Click the Settings icon then select IoT Cloud.

Enable the IoT Cloud and Senseware options. Note the three values highlighted in the screenshot which you’ll copy to Senseware in the next step.

Login to the Senseware Portal, and click Forwards, then Add Data Forward.

In the Data Forward Name field enter “Solve” then click Create Data Forward.

Paste the three values from Solve, into the corresponding three Senseware’s Data Forward fields, then click Save Destination.

Click the Channels tab, and for each module, choose the Select All Channels option, then click Add Channel.

2. Show Senseware data in Solve

Return to Solve and open an existing contact, or create a new contact.

Add a new IoT install activity.

As Solve receives data from Senseware it will show it as an available option under the Search field.  Select the gateway, module, or sensor you want to display, then click the checkmark icon to save.

After the device has sent data to Solve, tap the refresh icon to see what data was received.

Continue to the section Configuring sensors.