What if you could be everywhere?

Meet staffing shortages and lower operating costs with actionable data from wireless sensors.

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What if you could be everywhere?

Meet staffing shortages and lower operating costs with actionable data from wireless sensors.

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Meet the staffing crisis with indoor location tracking

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Actionable data leads your staff to make quick, informed actions that save you money.

Imagine the benefits of knowing

Where your people are

Real-time indoor location tracking of people and equipment visualized on your floor-plans.

When and where you are needed

Location and environmental-based alerts with integrated ticketing and workflow.

Whether a service was completed

Reduce documentation time by using smart sensors to automatically track when an area has been serviced and monitor the ongoing service intervals.

The data to back up actions

Provides data visualization and analytics on the history of data collected, like heat maps and data-driven insights, to guide the best course of action.

The anxiety of being responsible for others is minimized

Alert when anyone dwells, enters, exits, or is absent unexpectedly from an area.

Your people are safe

One-tap check-in and safety alert monitoring 

Track one thing, or anything

Movement patterns
Absent for
Dwelling for
Door opening
Service logging
Indoor air quality
Airflow balance
Water leaks
HVAC health
Flexible database
Ticketing system
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More …

Collect actionable data without an app using small, inexpensive, battery-powered wireless devices stuck to walls, equipment, or carried discretely.

  • Shows the current indoor location of tags and sensors on your floorplan
  • Automatically monitors activity 24x7
  • Automatically documents and escalates various conditions

Adapting to new tools in busy
environments is hard

 … or you could work with us


Software designed for end-users that is simple to use and extremely flexible.

Latest technology

New long-range wireless sensors and mesh networks do not require wiring, which dramatically reduces time and cost.

Easy installation

Cloud software is point-and-click, and battery-powered wireless sensors are installed quickly by non-technical staff.

Forever support

Our specialized and dedicated teams help with the setup, keep the system running smoothly, and are always available for quick, personal support.

A non-app solution for wireless data collection and alerting

Our solution is a hosted software platform that enables clients to utilize whatever hardware and network best suit their needs. Over time your field hardware may expand and change, but with Norada, your system won't need to.

We work with many of the leading technology providers, and device manufactures. This collaborative approach provides more choice, increased reliability, and economy-of-scale to all our projects, ensuring the lowest cost, maximum flexibility, and long-term value for our clients.

We listen to client priorities, ideas, and concerns in a complimentary discovery meeting, then offer free advice on a fitting solution.

Thousands trust our products

… and highly recommended, even years later

5-star review
5-star review
5-star review
5-star review
5-star review
5-star review

Powered by the best IoT network technologies

AWS IoT for LoRaWan and MQTT
Wirepas for long-range high density
Wirepas for long-range high density
Helium delivers secure, ubiquitous, and affordable LoRaWan connectivity.