Revolutionizing Safety and Efficiency

Platform for Mesh and LPWAN wireless sensors

We do for the Internet of Things (IoT) what Salesforce did for software

Our solution is a SaaS platform that enables clients to utilize whatever hardware and network best suit their needs. Over time your field hardware may expand and change, but with Norada, your system won't need to.

Point your field hardware at our service, where all incoming data is authenticated, decoded, converted, enhanced with location resolver algorithms, saved in durable storage, and checked for alerting conditions. Use the customizable dashboards for everyday real-time visualization tasks and, if needed, instantly return the fully processed data to your on-premise line-of-business system using APIs.

Typically industry specific products are locked into closed ecosystems, limiting choice and often driving up costs. Our product supports an open ecosystem, offering more options, better integrations, and typically at a much lower price. We work with many of the leading technology providers and device manufacturers. This collaborative approach provides more choice, increased reliability, and economy-of-scale to all our projects, ensuring the lowest cost, maximum flexibility, and long-term value for our clients.

We listen to client priorities, ideas, and concerns in a complimentary discovery meeting, then offer free advice on a fitting solution.

Connected Worker Benefits

Collect actionable data without an app using small, inexpensive, battery-powered wireless devices stuck to walls, equipment or carried discretely.

  • Shows the current indoor location of tags and sensors on your floor-plans and site-plan
  • Automatically monitors activity 24x7
  • Automatically documents and escalates various conditions
  • Increase situational awareness and compliance
  • Universal solution for workers to report duress and get help fast
  • Reduce low-value work like looking for things and documenting
  • Audit trails and data to inform decisions