Main features list

Increase situational awareness

Locate people and assets indoors and outdoors. Filter by name or resource type, monitor area occupancy, and supervise activity during events.

On-person button to request help

Instantly report distress with a tap, triggering location-based alerts and detailed event logging. Customize alerts for specific workers or zones for targeted, rapid response.

Automatic time-in-zone(s) logging

Verify contractor invoices, time-on-tool, and environmental exposure. Monitor the utilization of equipment and tools.

Event workflows

Triage alerts, track progress, and document. Robust sensor monitoring for various alert conditions.

Use data trends to inform decisions

Data visualization and analytics on the history of data collected, like heat maps and data-driven insights, guide the best course of action.

Easy to manage geofencing

Setup alerts when specific workers or equipment enter, exit, dwell or are absent from designated zones for specified times.

Look back at what happened

Like a secure video recorder, authorized staff can look back in time and visualize where everyone was using a simple playback control.

Visitor and contractor monitoring

Centrally monitor and record the movements of visitors or contractors to ensure their safety and your security.

Monitor service schedules

Automatically track and document in-field service events and monitor the status of ongoing service intervals.