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RTLS in senior care

Affordable, real-time solution for enhanced resident well-being and operational efficiency.

BlueUp and Norada: Economical, flexible, and efficient senior care solutions

Senior care is experiencing an unprecedented transformation thanks to Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS), offering insights into the whereabouts of residents, staff, and essential items. With RTLS, providers can ensure residents' safety and well-being while optimizing resources and workflows. Staff can respond promptly to emergencies or requests, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Devices like BlueUp SafeX, which monitor movement and have an alarm button, allow patients to send a geolocated alert for help if needed. This enables personalized and timely care to enhance well-being.

One of the key advantages of RTLS in senior care is access to position and movement data, which can indicate the health status of patients. Movement is now considered the "sixth vital sign." RTLS tracks residents' movements, such as time spent attending social events, and highlights if movement patterns change over time. This data provides detailed information on their lifestyle and health status, enabling personalized care and timely interventions to boost health and independence.

The perfect kit from Norada and BlueUp

Norada and BlueUp have joined forces to offer an economical, flexible, and efficient solution.

Norada provides a comprehensive software solution that improves situational awareness, creating environments where safety, productivity, and compliance are significantly improved. With over two decades of experience and thousands of diverse customers, Norada excels at providing scalable and flexible workflow solutions through their intuitive SaaS platform. For more information, visit Norada's senior care white paper.

On the other hand, BlueUp is the Italian leader in the design and production of tags, beacons, and gateways based on Bluetooth Low Energy technology for localization and distributed monitoring. In addition to providing high-quality hardware devices, BlueUp offers customized hardware/software integrated RTLS solutions to meet customers' specific needs.

While the benefits of RTLS in senior care are clear, the high cost has been a barrier for many communities. BlueUp and Norada offer a cost-effective solution at under $6,000 per floor, compared to traditional solutions which can cost $70,000 to $110,000 per floor. By lowering costs without sacrificing functionality or reliability, they make RTLS accessible to more communities, enabling exceptional care and operational excellence.

Thanks to the combination of Norada and BlueUp, you will be able to have your turnkey solution, perfect for senior care, guaranteeing maximum safety, efficiency, and quality care.

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